Physical Therapy Evaluation & Treatment

One-on-one, direct care in a setting where privacy is paramount.

The first part of your Initial Evaluation involves an interview, during which we will review your medical history and your current symptoms. Please be sure to tell your Physical Therapist about any previous Physical Therapy Treatment you may have had, as well as the results.


The next step is an Extensive Examination. During your exam, your Physical Therapist may evaluate the following: strength, range of motion, flexibility, posture, mobility and movement patterns. If appropriate, your Physical Therapist may also perform special clinical tests to help with the Assessment process.


After your Interview and Evaluation, your Physical Therapist will explain their assessment of your condition and explain the individual Treatment Plan that has been designed for you. If at any time you have questions regarding any aspect of your Treatment Plan, do not hesitate to ask. Your understanding of our Assessment and Treatment Plan is essential to helping you achieve your goals, and is fundamental to a successful outcome.

Our Process & Approach


One of our highly trained team members will perform an evaluation. We will discuss your issues with you. We will then give you our expert advice and develop a plan with you that is tailored to your body. Finally, we will perform the services we recommend.


Our physical therapy is 100% tailored to your body. We perform all of our work in private rooms and all of our treatments are administered by licensed physical therapists instead of using techs or PAs. All of our staff is trained to provide the best care and treatment for your individual needs.


Our clinic has state of the art treatments via cold lasers that have a shorter recovery time.  Our manual therapy methods also help provide faster relief and recovery.  By combining eastern and western medical techniques, you will be back to work or play much faster.

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